Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whoa, I didn't even think about teaching today...wait, that's not true.

What a busy day, it is moving time here in college land. Many of our friends are moving to new places, some just up the street, others to new cities--how exciting.
One of our friends just finished her PhD and is heading onto a new teaching adventure, sad for me, but also very lucky! She was getting rid of many, many items that will be incredibly useful in my classroom. I will upload a few pictures of my haul tomorrow. I am planning on heading into my classroom tomorrow to do a little work.

I am also going to try out the Vistaprint stuff tomorrow...maybe I will be able to grab that nice Groupon deal many folks are blogging about.

I  am also pretty excited, I shaved about 50 seconds off my 2.6 mile time (since last Wednesday)!

Many, Many thanks to all of new followers!

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