Friday, August 17, 2012

Geez oh Geez, Where Do I Begin? and a Linky or Two.

So I have been super busy in my classroom. Everyday this week. Four days this week, one day was a beach day! I have a few pictures for you, well two. I went crazy shopping at the TPT sale earlier this week, way too crazy. I hope to do a more appropriate shout-out soon. If the students were to enter the room tomorrow (I know it is Saturday) I would be alright with that. I need to start writing things down. Doesn't somebody have a linky for that?
Here is my word wall, well at least the beginning of it, it is now finished but I did not photograph it.

And the math Common Core on ribbon that is all over Pinterest.

A lot more has gone on in that room of mine, will take some photos on Monday. We are meeting as a fourth grade team Monday. Then it is off to meetings for me! Students return the 28th!



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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